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最新锂电池SDS规定,IATA DGR 63版 (2022年)锂电池运输规定

删除了PI965 Section II和PI968 Section II的章节内容,该两条款还给予了3个月的过渡期,至2022年3月31日止。




注意:IATA issued a notice on the classification of small lithium battery-powered vehicles when shipped as cargo and the provisions that apply, specifically the wording of Special Provision A214. Devices such as balance wheels, air wheels, solo wheels, mini balance boards and hoverboards, are classified as UN 3171, battery-powered vehicles.


    PI 965 and PI 968—Have been revised to remove Section II from these two packing instructions. To provide shippers with time to adapt their logistics processes to ship lithium cells and batteries in accordance with Section IB of Packing Instruction 965 and Packing Instruction 968, as applicable, there is a 3-month transition period until 31 March 2022, during which time shippers may continue to use Section II.

Consequential amendments have been made to 1.6.1, Special Provision A334,, Table 9.1.A and Table 9.5.A to reflect the deletion of Section II of Packing Instruction 965 and Packing Instruction 968.

删除了PI965 Section II和PI968 Section II的章节内容,该两条款还给予了3个月的过渡期,至2022年3月31日止。同时对DGR中的1.6.1、特殊规定(SP) A334、、表9.1.A和表9.5.A做出相应的删除和修改,以应对PI965 II,PI968 II的删除。


    PI 966 and PI 969—Have been revised to clarify the packing options for Section I, which are:

the lithium cells or batteries are packed in a UN specification packaging, then placed with the equipment in a strong rigid outer packaging; or

the cells or batteries are packed with the equipment in a UN specification packaging.

The packing options in Section II have been deleted, as there is only one option available given that there is no requirement for UN specification packagings.

     修订PI966 Section I和PI969 Section I(设备与锂离子电池或锂金属电池放置在一个包装内)的包装选项

l 锂电池采用UN小包装后,再与设备一起放置在坚固的大包装中

l 或锂电池与设备一起放置在UN大包装中

     删除Section II的包装选项。


2023-2024:Exclusion from the requirement for a test summary for equipment, including circuit boards, that contain only lithium button cells.



2023-2024:Change to the lithium battery handling mark to remove the requirement for a telephone number to be provided on the mark. There is a transition period until 31 December 2026 during which time the existing mark may continue to be used.


修改锂电池操作标记(Lithium Battery Handling Mark),取消标记上的电话号码的显示要求,在2026年12月31日前为过渡期,在此之前可以继续使用现有的锂电池操作标记规定。